Iron Removal Media

Granular media in black color which works on catalytic oxidation and filtration principle. It can handle iron up to 20 PPM and can bring down the iron content to less than 0.30 PPM as per IS10500 standards. No chemical addition is required and just simple back washing insufficient. Life of the media is about 4 years.

This media is ideal for large applications with thousands of PPM a day. The media is very stable and does not create clumps. If the water is pre-filtered, backwashing is not necessary for up to 1month.

Working process of Iron Removal Media are as under:

  • Our iron removal media works on oxidation process
  • Ferrous is oxidized to ferric state and gets filtered in the filtered

This ferric is removed from the media while back washing. No addition of chemicals is required. No regeneration is also required.