Scs-10k For Aquaculture

SCS-10K (Chlorine Dioxide Powder) is a highly effective, safe, quick and broad spectrum disinfectant, recommended to the world by WHO and FAO with class A1. It is the fourth generation of disinfectant after Bleaching Powder (Pypocholoride), Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC (sodium dichloroisocyanurate)) and Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA). SCS- 10K is a good sterilization agent against bacteria, mold, fungi, virus, as well as their spores.

SCS-10K Using on Aquaculture

  • Disease prevention treatment
  • Fish larval rearing
  • Prawn larval rearing
  • Spraying in feeds
  • Treatment of diseases

Functions of SCS-10K Used in Aquaculture

  • Reduce Nitrite (NO2- ) rapidly
  • Get rid of odorous soil of animals in culture system
  • Effect quickly and without toxic remnant
  • Dissolved oxygen increasing
  • Decrease the stress of fish in ponds and enhance the ate of eedstuff.

In the case of aquaculture, i.e. springs or ponds, treated water that is re-infected with bacteria can be a particular source of danger, especially at elevated temperatures. SCS-10K can kill all microorganisms in water including vegetative forms of bacteria, bacteria spores fungus and various virus and etc. SCS-10K can penetrate the cell walls of microorganism and kill it by oxidizing enzyme including sullenly and estraining synthesizing protein inside microorganism. Fish are eukaryotic cells structure and thus avoiding damage from the chlorine dioxide. So this product is harmless to fish, it is recognized safe and environmental protect disinfectant. This product can be used to treat fish, shrimp, rub, turtle and fogs of bacterial or virus disease. It is very useful in dealing with disease of aquaculture products, deodorizing and improving water quality.