Bharti Arsenic Removal Plant

Bharti Arsenic Removal Plant is a CSIR, GOI tested and approved treatment plant which works on nano-technology based media. The maximum amount of arsenic in water in India is 1.5 PPM. The permissible limit of arsenic in water is less than 0.01 ppm as per BIS 10500.Iron and Arsenic coexist in ground water. Our Bharti arsenic treatment plants also remove iron from the water. The first step removes the sludge and iron from water and the second and third filtration steps remove the arsenic from the water. We also make hand pump attachment units. The back wash water from the plant has no arsenic contamination which is a very important for the environment. CSIR, Government of India has given very positive report on our product after vigorous testing of our product as per all the desired criteria.

* Bharti Arsenic Removal Plant is approved from Dr. R.A Mashelkar Committee, Ministry of Drinking Water and sanitation Department Govt. of India.

Arsenic Removal Plant for Tube Wells, Pump Houses, Overhead Tanks and Solar Pumps

Our Advantages

  • Tested & Approval from CSIR, GOI
  • Our plants remove arsenic up to 2 ppm from water and are available for capacities of 1000LPH to 50000 LPH
  • Our plants have a 3 step filtration mechanism
  • Our plants have TLCP certification/ Leaching certification from CSIR, GOI thus making the arsenic removal media very environment friendly
  • Our units are completely online and can work with solar pumps, overhead tanks and tube wells
  • Our units don’t require any extra electricity for working and can work on a very wide range of ph in water
  • No addition of chemicals in required and the life of the arsenic removal media is 3 years and the life of the unit is more than 10 years
  • There is no sludge formation and the backwash water has no arsenic contamination


  • Water Supply Scheme, Tea Gardens, Industries, Irrigation, Agriculture

Arsenic Removal (Auto Backwash Technology) Unit for Hand Pump