Bharti Recharge


Efficient and sustainable rain water harvesting ground water recharge well with bharti vee wire screen and bharti toughened spheres pre packed screens of grade ss-304 for increasing the ground water level and improving the quality of ground water by injecting rain water in the aquifers.

As we all are very well aware that the source of water is either from surface or ground and we all aware that the water table / level is depleting day by day every year and the issue of quality of water becoming alarming and posing health hazard for humans. To overcome with all those problems related of ground water is subjective if the department focuses on it at the earliest.

For efficient and sustainable recharge well, it is only possible when we use the efficient technology and proper design so that the recharge well, so made by us can percolate the rain water to the ground water duly filtered without silt, sand and other foreign material etc. For that matter, we suggest the following.

  1. The recharge bore will have to be drilled to the strata found on stage 1 and stage 2
  2. On the top, at ground level we suggest department to create the pit (length x width x depth) 2 mtrs. x 2 mtrs. x 2 mtrs. and 3 mtrs. x 3 mtrs. x 2 mtr according to the rain water catchment area for recharge of ground water by rain water harvesting
  3. In that pit, the bore recharge well has to be connected with Bharti Toughened Spheres Pre Packed Screens of Grade SS-304 in the height of 2 mtrs. of Screen pipe of size 200 mm & 150 mm, thickness 7.0 mm and slot size 1.25 mm So that no silt, sand and other foreign particles shall enter in the well so that the quality of ground water and the level of ground water is maintained
  4. During drilling where the strata encounters the aquifer, we have to use Bharti Vee Wire Stainless Steel Screen of size 150 mm, thickness 7.0 mm and slot size 1.25 mm so that water can percolate in to aquifer efficiently

Please adopt this technology in India as the water is scarce in most of the state of India in the interest of the people of India. Because the rain water is pure nectar gift from the GOD to the human and no additional water can be generate, water is not the product to manufacture, Water is natural resource.

Even we can overcome with the situations of flooding water lodging and recharge the ground water with this recharge ground water wells made only down streams of the area for better catchment of rain water for recharge. By various organizations the money is wasted as well as the precious resource of water is wasted because of wrong practice and technology used in making of rain water recharge harvesting wells.

We appeal and request to use Efficient and Sustainable Rain Water Harvesting Ground Water Recharge Well With Bharti Vee Wire Screen And Bharti Toughened Spheres Pre Packed Screens Of Grade Ss-304.