Ultra Filtration Stand Alone Water Purification Plant

This is a Three Stage purification system comprising of

  • 5 Micron pre filter
  • Activated Carbon filter
  • Polvmeric Hollow fiber ultra Filtration membrane

It is a simple wound cartridge filter which removes all suspended particles above the size of Micron

This cartridge will have to be changed periodically depending on the turbidity of incoming water usuallv this has to be changed once in 6 months.

This adsorbs excess chlorine in municipal water, bad odor and some metals. This activated carbon will have to be washed periodically depending on the chlorine load. Usually tar bore well schemes this has to be replaced once in 2 years or

Iron removal resin filter can be used to remove dissolved iron in water. This resin filter has to be washed once in a week to remove the accumulated iron. The life of the filter is more than 5 years and no chemical addition is required.

This state of art membrane filters particles of the size of 0.01 micron and above. So this filters the turbidity, Iron content and all bacteria from water. This capacity of bacterial filtration is guaranteed through out the life of the membrane. As all the bacteria are filtered, no separate disinfection equipment is required.

Salient Features

  • Polvmeric Hollow fibre CIF membrane filters all bacteria and hence no disinfection is required
  • Works on tap pressure of I to 2 mts head
  • Discharge 100 to 150 ltrs or more per hour with just I to 2 mts head
  • No electricity is required for operation
  • No moving parts and wearable parts
  • As no electricity is required it can be easily operated, cleaned and maintained by students itself
  • Fool proof because if water comes out of UF membrane it is bacteria free only
  • Treated water storage tank is not required
  • Existing 5000 Its OHT or HDPE Tank on the roof top itself is the storage tank
  • We get filtered bacteria free water on opening the tap any time at the rate of 100 to 1 50 Its/ hour or more
  • Eliminates the necessity of maintaining the treated water storage tank