Pressure Glass Filter Media

Pressure Glass Filter Media Activated, bio Resistant Filter Media from Glass is an Activated Filter Media manufactured from green glass to replace sand in all types of sand filters and all types of water filtration applications. The amorphous aluminosilicate glass proceeds through activation process to increase the surface area by more than 350 times over sand. The high surface nano-structure area is negatively charged to selectively adsorb organics, priority substances and small particles. The surface also has metal oxide catalysts that give a high redox potential to make Filter Media self-sterilizing which prevents bacteria mud-balling, coagulation and worm-hole channeling of unfiltered water through the filter bed.

Filter Details

  • Washed and sieved sand is used
  • Collector with laterals
  • Filtration velocity
  • Test pressure
  • Sight Glass is included or not included
  • Manometer and air valve are included
  • Internal pipe and fittings