SCS 10K Chlorine Dioxide

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SCS 10k Disinfection Chemical of upto 10,000 PPM

SCS 10K is a two component (A & B) disinfection chemical which is chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in powdered form of strength upto 10,000 PPM. SCS 10 K has a wide range of applications ranging from disinfection of water to a bleaching agent for industries. 1Kg SCS-10K disinfects upto 15 lakhs liters of water. It has huge benefits for human health as it is not carcinogenic like TCCA&other chlorine related disinfectants.


  • It has a longer residual effect of 16 hrs in water compared to only 2 hrs of sodium hypochlorite/TCCA
  • 99.9% effective against all water borne microorganisms (spore forming bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and yeast
  • Very short contacttime (1-5minutes)
  • Shelflife - 18months
  • Destroys algae related taste and odour compounds
  • Kinetic strength ofthe SCS 10K solution remainssame for 30 days ofthe solution
  • Does notreact with waterto formhypochlorous acid (nofree chlorine)/li>
  • Chlorite and chlorate building heavily suppressed
  • SCS 10K doesn't chlorinate organic materials
  • One kg SCS 10K is prepared in 25-liter of water
  • One Kg of SCS 10K can disinfect 15 lakhsliters ofwater todisinfectthe same amount ofwater you will need 20 kg ofsodiumhypochlorite, TCCAandPotassiumPermanganate
  • 1 Kg SCS 10K disinfects upto 15 Lakhsliters ofwater
  • Made in India (Indigenous product)
  • Powerful inorganic oxidizing agent and free radical with residual disinfection capacity
  • Very easy transportation (Due to powdered form)
  • Steady bactericidal efficacy within a board pH
  • More disinfection and less chemistry
  • Decreases THM,HAA, other organic compounds with toxic or carcinogenic properties
  • European Standar DINEN12671Approved by EPA(USA)
  • Strength upto 10,000 PPM perliter


  • Disinfection of water
  • Swimming Pools
  • Bleaching Agent for Industries
  • Food Processing
  • Dairy Farms
  • Railways
  • Poultry farms
  • Pharma Industries & Hospitals
  • Horticulture
  • Beverage Industry
  • Disaster Management
  • Thermal Power Plants (Cooling Towers)
  • Air Deodorization
  • Aquaculture
  • PortableWater Treatment

Available in 1Kg, 5Kg Or As Desired

Shelf life 18 months for powder 6 months
Residual effect in water upto 16 hrs if not consumed 2 hrs
Inventory space Very less ( Due to Powered Form) Needs big storage for the liquids to store
pH Range Disinfection is effective and constant between a pH values of pH 4 to pH 10. Disinfection only at pH value less than 7.5.
Contact time for disinfection 1 to 5 minute 30 min to 1 hr
Level of corrosion N.A. High corrosion level.
Investment in plant and Machinery. Nil High frequent failure electric dozer
stability at higher temperature Scs-10K /Chlorine Dioxide remains stable even at higher temperature and does notdisscipate as fast as chlorine Temperatures > 30 C rapidly disturb chlorine.
Operational cost Negligible High
Transportation Very easy because with one kg of Clo2 - 25 ltr solution can be made of upto 10000 PPM. Very difficult because in liquid form less strength & schemes are in Rural Areas.
Quality Assured Due to by product very uncertain local product
Standard DIN EN 12671 : 2000-11 IS: 1065 - 1989
Build-up of carcinogenic THM's, HAA's and MX. No THM, HAA or MX build-up in water.
*( Ref WHO,EPA manual).
Carcinogenic compound formation in presence of organic. Forms THM,HAA or MX ( Ref - WHO manual).
Biofilm eradication in the water distribution system. Chlorine Dioxide penetrates and completely eradicates biofilm. Limited eradication due to lack of penetration of the biofilm
Build-up of irritating chloramines effecting eyes, mucous glands, tissues, skin and mucous membranes. No reaction with primary of secondary Amines. NO build- up of chloramines. No irritation toeyes mucous glands, tissues, skin, membrane sat user concentrations. All Amines are transformed to chloramines , when reacting with chlorine causing problems for the users.
Deodorizing Deodorizing characteristics. No organoleptic smell and taste problems through reaction with Phenols, Amines and Algae. Produces organoleptic smell and taste problems through reaction with Phenols, Amines and Algae.
Biocidal and anti-viral effectiveness. Excellent biocidal and anti-viral characteristics Biocidal characteristics. Bad anti-virus characteristics. Biocidal characteristics significantly decrease when pH value exceeds 7.5.
Algicidal effectiveness. Excellent algicidal effectiveness and permanent disinfection at 0.08 - 0.15 mg/L dosage. Effective only when using high concentrations of chlorine which are not recommended as user levels.
Oxidation effectiveness. Up to 260% stronger oxidation compared to chlorine. Oxidation takes place by oxygen. Strong oxidation. Only oxidizes by build-up of AOX.
Hazardous nature Non hazardous product hence not required. Hazardous not required
Operational safety Not required High
Licenses & approvals Not required Not required
Immunity building by microbes & organisms No immunity development by bacteria's. Performance drops after few days.
Reaction with Ammonia Does not react Reacts with ammonia and required to Use
breakpoint chlorination
Trained Manpower requirement No Required
Requirement of neutralization system No No
Fire or explosion risk Nil Negligible


1. SCS 10K (1 % Chlorine dioxide in powered form) is a disinfection chemical in 2 Component (A&B) powdered form.

2.1 Kg of SCS 10K is prepared in 25 liter ofwater; first put Component B in the water container than put Component Ain the water container

3. The Solution should be prepared in black color container&the lid should be closed.

4.Close the lid of the container & leave the solution for four hours. A solution of upto 10000 PPM perliter ofliquid chlorine dioxide isready to use/dose.

5.The solution has a strength of 30 days.



We can use any dosing for capacity 1-10 Liter per hour. Existing dosing pump that are presently used are compatible with Chlorine dioxide. Simply dose the chlorine dioxide solution in the pipeline depending on the dose requirement (0.1-0.5 PPM).