Screen (Hand Pump)

In India Hand Pumps Installed with India mark-II hand Pump assembly, start giving Sand, Mica and other foreign material after few months of running because these all are Cavity wells in which there is no provision of filter strainer.

As per the Bharti V-wire technology when well construct with the provision of numbered slot as per the sieve analysis, natural gravel paced well will br formed which runs as long as the water running in the aquifer.

To overcome with this situation of Sand, Mica etc. We have developed Hand Pump Jacket Screen which screwed on the bottom of India Mark-II Cylinder from where jacket separate the solids from the water and the fresh water without any foreign material come out with delivery line and the very purpose to serve the public with fresh drinking water will be achieved.

Manual of installing hand pump- Bharti jacket

  1. Remove the head of the hand pump
  2. Pullout delivery pipes along with connecting rods
  3. Pull out the cylinder
  4. Place the cylinder on the ground and check the BOCK1, if found damage then change for better suction and discharge
  5. Screwed the Bharti Jacket at the bottom of cylinder
  6. Lower it properly, Straight
  7. Start connecting the rods and simultaneously screwed the delivery line accordingly
  8. Fix the head as per your practice

Few Precautions

  1. After taking out the cylinder BOCK1 please check it and replace it for better well discharge
  2. Socket of the delivery pipes must be screwed properly to prevent the leakage